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Attempted fraud: be extra vigilant during the summer vacations!

Attempted payment order scams are on the rise and fraudsters are using their imagination to get their way. In particular, they take advantage of vacation periods to launch fraud attempts. The absence of regular users makes it easier to target your business. This summer, be extra vigilant and make sure your teams are aware of this! Never give anyone your sensitive information such as your login details (access names, passwords, security codes, etc.). To go further, don’t hesitate to download our white paper on payment security. You will find the actions to be taken to considerably reduce the risks linked to fraud on payment orders as well as the actions to be taken in case of proven fraud.

The Allmybanks User Club

Every year, Exalog organizes for its clients the AMB CM (Allmybanks Community Meeting). This one-day event allows us to discuss with our customers the different evolutions of our application as well as future perspectives. Last year, the pandemic pushed us to rethink the format of this event. So since 2020, this event has become digital and lasts one and a half month. This year, the AMB CM will take place from June 16 to July 31 under the sign of innovation with many articles, videos and podcasts. The topics covered are security, dematerialized digital signature, banking APIs and the roadmap for the 2021/2022 evolutions of our application Allmybanks. Market players such as SWIFT and Yubico are also participating in the event. At Exalog, we believe it is important to keep this privileged contact with our customers in order to exchange on their expectations for the development of functionalities in our applications. More information about Allmybanks on

Allmybanks is SWIFT-certified for the 5th year

A guarantee of quality for finance managers SWIFT certification, which was obtained following a detailed audit, guarantees that Allmybanks provides conditions that meet the SWIFT quality and security criteria. The software’s ability to process SWIFT messages (ISO 20022 and MT) and receipts (PSR, ARA, ACK/NACK, GPI) was also confirmed. Allmybanks is the 1st SWIFT-certified software in France.
Certification SWIFT AMB

New: SWIFT gpi service

Speed + Traceability + Transparency The SWIFT gpi service allows you to make international payments that are quicker, more transparent and more traceable. In our Allmybanks software, our clients can now follow up on their cross-border gpi payments from end to end and know their status and corresponding banking charges in real-time. Find out more about SWIFT gpi

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