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Allmybanks is SWIFT-certified for the 5th year

A guarantee of quality for finance managers

SWIFT certification, which was obtained following a detailed audit, guarantees that Allmybanks provides conditions that meet the SWIFT quality and security criteria.


The software's ability to process SWIFT messages (ISO 20022 and MT) and receipts (PSR, ARA, ACK/NACK, GPI) was also confirmed.


Allmybanks is the 1st SWIFT-certified software in France.

New: SWIFT gpi service

Speed + Traceability + Transparency

The SWIFT gpi service allows you to make international payments that are quicker, more transparent and more traceable.


In our Allmybanks software, our clients can now follow up on their cross-border gpi payments from end to end and know their status and corresponding banking charges in real-time.


Find out more about SWIFT gpi


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