Exalog incorporates a cash management module within its Exabanque multi-bank management application

25 February 2008

Exalog, a specialist publisher of banking communication and cash management software packages since 1995, became in 2000 the first company to release an SaaS mode multi-bank management solution. It is now incorporating a cash management module within this solution.

Jacques Lafarge, the CEO of Exalog explains: “We had to improve the previous version of this module in order to incorporate it in Exabanque. For this, we had the opportunity to work with pilot customers who wished to be able to use this functionality. Flexible and upgradeable, the new cash-flow module provides a global view of the company’s cash management and encourages active and dynamic management through advanced analyses and simulations”.

In a context within which cash management is at the centre of events ( SEPA, MiFid, SwiftNet, etc. ), Exalog is perusing its strategy of developing SaaS mode multi-bank applications.


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