The dematerialisation of social security declarations: chronicle of a success foretold

13 April 2008

For the past eight years, Exalog has been assisting its customers (health, welfare and pensions organisations) in a process of dematerialisation of annual salary declarations.

This year, over 500,000 companies have opted for this service and declared 4,000,000 lines of salaries on the applications developed and hosted by Exalog.

By requiring companies to submit declarations electronically, the collective insurance organisations would like to reduce their management costs and improve the quality of processing.

This aim has been fully achieved in practise, but it should be noted that the reporting companies themselves approved the online capture, as they appreciated the flexibility, availability and reliability of the service.

The annual declarations are only a first step towards a more general dematerialisation. Exalog now offers collective insurance organisations other online capture services, such as real-time declarations (hiring, departure, beneficiaries, etc.) and the tele-payment of insurance premiums.


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