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Payment and group treasury management software

The software Allmybanks allows you to secure your financial flows and optimise your treasury within a single interface.

Allmybanks is easily deployed in all your entities around the world, thanks to the SaaS mode and its connector to the SWIFT network (“L2BA” offer).
With its mobile application, Allmybanks follows you everywhere (Android and iOS).

Features: payments and treasury

4 complementary modules, based on a multi-protocol connectivity platform (SWIFTNet, EBICS, FTP), compose the Allmybanks software:

Group treasury

Methods harmonisation within your group - Operational treasury management
- Intragroup management
- Bank fees control
- Treasury budgets

Banking management

Banking flows centralisation of your group - Account statements
- Payments and collections
- Accounting reconciliation

Reporting and analysis

Visualisation and indicators diffusion of your activity - Graphic reports
- Pivot tables

Advanced configuration

Security, banking connectivity and interfaces setting - Rights
- Validation workflow
- Interfaces with your IT department

Key points

Unlimited number of users

Simplified access to the SWIFTNet network

Freedom of setting

Evolving and innovative application

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