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Exalog works closely with the various players from the world of payments and treasury, such as professional associations for example.

As an active member of the community, we participate in the reflections of the sector (security of payments, evolution of standards, etc.) and participate in the events of our partners.


Trustpair & Sis ID

In an effort to strengthen our fight against fraud, Exalog has been working closely with Sis ID and Trustpair since 2020. Our software programs are interfaced to both of these third-party control platforms. By subscribing to one of these two platforms, our clients can audit all bank accounts within their third party database and payment files. Thanks to our two partners, we can guarantee our customers state-of-the-art security software.

Trustpair Sis ID


AFTE, Association Française des Trésoriers d’Entreprise, made up of more than 1,500 financiers or treasurers members, deals with concrete topics relating to treasury management procedures and techniques.
Exalog participates in AFTE’s “International Cash Management” commission and has been a partner of the “AFTE Study Days” fair since 2008.


ASSET, Asociación Española de Financieros y Tesoreros de Empresa, Iberian cousin of the AFTE, gathers more than 600 professionals from the world of finance. It promotes the exchange of experience among its members and provides companies with advice on optimising their resources and improving their efficiency.
Exalog regularly organises conferences in partnership with ASSET, on international cash management.



SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a bank cooperative established in the 1970s whose mission is to manage the exchange of financial data between banks and companies around the world through the SWIFTNet network. Exalog is one of the few editors in the world selected by SWIFT to distribute its L2BA (Lite2 for Business Application) offer, which allows connection to the SWIFTNet network via a packaged solution with a TMS. Our Allmybanks software (group payments and treasury) was the 1st software in France to offer connection to the SWIFTNet network via the L2BA offer. Allmybanks is also “ SWIFT Certified ”. This label guarantees that our software can handle SWIFT messages (ISO 20022 and MT) and acknowledgments, and that its hosting conditions meet the quality requirements of SWIFT.
Swift Compatible ApplicationCash Management for Corporates 2023


Exalog works with international distributors to develop its range of solutions throughout the world. We work with businesses in Spain, Africa and China to distribute our Allmybanks software for cash management. Our Mesbanques software for multi-bank management is marketed in France and in Europe by a network of partners and independent distributors. Our Mesbanques software for multi-bank management is marketed in France and in Europe by a network of partners and independent distributors.


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