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A variety of profiles

Diversity is an important element of Exalog’s culture. This diversity is reflected in the profiles that we recruit as in the multiplicity of our professions. Our professions are grouped in 5 distinct families of equal importance.

Exalog being at the top of the innovation in its products, it must have the same approach concerning its talents. While waiting to recruit our future collaborators, here is an example of the diversity of the professions at Exalog.


Production and innovation professions

As a software publisher, the production and innovation departments are the backbone of our company. In collaboration with the Operations, Sales and Customer Relations departments, the teams manage the implementation of all projects, from design to deployment, while respecting deadlines and product quality. Their role is also to monitor technological developments to ensure continuous improvement of our software.


  • Project Manager
  • Design and Development Engineer
  • Functional analyst
  • Development Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Developer
  • Analyst Tester
  • Application tester

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Computer and information systems professions

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At the center of our activity, we find…IT. The particularity of our products delivered in SaaS mode (Software as a Service, i.e. a software accessible from a web browser) associated with our activity around finance, requires that we be available 24/7 for our clients. The health and performance of our servers are therefore crucial for our clients. This recognized excellence of our operation is ensured by our entire information systems team. Without them, there is no Exalog.


  • IT Manager
  • System and network Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Operations technician

Support and customer relations professions

Our Support department is renowned for its availability and responsiveness, as it makes the difference with our clients. Experts in the field of treasury, our teams can answer all questions, analyze all requests, and provide advanced training. By assisting our clients from implementation to use of the software, they know their issues by heart and do everything possible to find solutions quickly, even if this means involving the Operations, Development or even Senior Management teams.


  • Customer Support Manager
  • Application Support Technician
  • Analysis and Implementation Team Leader
  • Analyses et Implémentations
  • Analysis and Implementation Consultant

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Sales, marketing and communication professions

These professions are at the heart of our customer knowledge. The sales department (divided between key accounts and SMEs) is in daily contact with the needs of customers to offer them the most appropriate solution to their issues. Coordination between the different departments, contract execution, knowledge of the competition and business expertise are the fundamentals of this central service of Exalog. It is supported by marketing and communication, real experts in digital, whose goal is to promote the different products in order to get a maximum of leads for our sales people.


  • Pre-sales consultant
  • Key account executive
  • Sales representative
  • Content manager
  • Webmaster
  • Marketing and communication manager
  • Technical writer
  • Social media manager

Human resources and accounting professions

These administrative professions are essential to the smooth running of the company: regulatory, tax and legal management, bookkeeping, cost and treasury optimization, etc. But beyond the bureaucratic aspect, our team is above all present to ensure relations with social and legal partners and to build a strong link with employees in order to develop their careers or to deal with possible conflicts. In their case, versatility is the key to success.


  • Human resources Manager
  • Sales Assistant
  • Accounting

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