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Advanced features for optimized treasury

Our expertise in cash management allows us to develop advanced features adapted to all types of companies: VSEs, SMEs, large groups… Thanks to a clear vision and a precise follow-up of their treasury, our clients keep control and take the right management decisions for their company.

Complete software for treasury management

A good treasury management is essential for every company, especially when the market is difficult and fluctuating.

Exalog designs cash management software to help treasurers in their daily work. Here is an overview of our features:

Cash forecasting

Our software programs are designed to assist our clients in the creation and administration of their forecast balances. In addition to input and import capabilities, our software can automatically generate forecasts when sending bank remittances or recording investments and financing. Forecasting your collections and expenditures allows you to anticipate operating actions (financing, loans, etc.) and thus optimize your working capital requirements.

White Paper « Treasury forecasts »

Are you aware of the importance of cash forecasting but hesitating to get started? Download our white paper to implement accurate and reliable forecasts that will allow you to make strategic decisions for your company.

"Treasury forecasts" white paper
Equilibrage solde


Thanks to our ergonomic interfaces, our software clearly displays bank accounts’ forecast balances. This makes it easy to make balancing transfers and avoid deficit accounts. In order to optimize the treasurers’ time, our software offers an automated balancing of accounts thanks to several functionalities:

  • Target balance
  • Zero Balance Account
  • Pivot account
  • Minimum transfer

Intercompany management

For large companies managing subsidiaries, we offer intercompany financing management feature in our software. This is organized either around loans and borrowing (exhaustive picture on all the entities of the group) or around the setting up of a cash management agreement (the parent company manages the funds of all the entities of the group through the current accounts).

Several intercompany management tools are offered in our major accounts solution to make the treasurers’ daily tasks more reliable and automated:

  • Automatic and notional cash pooling
  • Bank ZBA and assisted TBA: selection of the central account, the participating accounts, the balance to be achieved…
  • Payment factory: centralization of payments from group companies to selected banks via the Pay On Behalf Of (POBO) principle
  • Advanced intercompany financing tools: reporting, exchange rate risk, etc.
Intercompany management
Dettes et avoirs

Debt and assets

Having visibility on your company’s debts and assets is essential for accurate treasury monitoring. This is why we provide our clients with advanced tools for monitoring investments and financing, classified by type: term deposits, mutual fund portfolio, term and redeemable loans, leases, commercial leases, credit lines, currency risk management, etc.

Our software can also generate forecast investment and financing entries such as maturities, interest, levies or agios (which can be set up later). In order to cover currency risk requirements, financial market data is automatically integrated into our software and into the treasury forecasts created.

Treasury reports

To contribute to your decision-making processes, all our solutions generate configurable and automatic management reports. The reports, with figures or graphics, can be categorized by account, group of accounts, grouping of groups of accounts, budgetary code or transaction type. 

To save time, you can record macros to generate your most frequent reports and thus obtain a regular and automatic analysis of your balances.


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