Exalog is ISO 27001 certified!

19 October 2023

The information system is a key part of our business. At Exalog, our technical teams manage the hosting, maintenance, and backup of our customers’ data. Thanks to ISO 27001 certification, we ensure optimum protection, continuous improvement, and stable performance of our information system.

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is the world’s most famous and reputed standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It defines the requirements an ISMS must meet, and guides organizations in complying with information security laws and regulations. ISO 27001 certification is particularly important for sensitive sectors such as healthcare or finance that have access to and manage personal data.
ISO 27001 takes into account the technical, organizational, and human aspects of information security.

Requirements for ISO 27001 certification are as follows:

  • Risk identification and assessment: the standard requires the organization to identify critical information assets and assess the risks to which they are exposed.
  • Implementation of safety measures to control identified risks.
  • Security incident management, with strong measures in place to deal with security breaches, vulnerabilities, and potential threats.
  • IS monitoring and continuous improvement: ISO 27001 encourages an approach based on constant information security monitoring, regular assessment of IS performance, and continuous improvement.
ISO 27001

Having complied with and obtained ISO 27001 certification, 83% of companies feel that this has enabled them to consolidate internal security-related processes, and 89% feel that they have fewer security incidents.

(source: https://certification.afnor.org/)

Exalog guarantees the protection of your data

Our software and information systems are constantly being improved and audited to offer our customers a high level of security,whether in terms of application access, individual user rights, information exchanges with their ERP systems and banks, or the storage of their personal data.

Sécurité ISO 27001

With ISO 27001 certification, we guarantee our customers the implementation of a solid framework for information security management. In line with ISO 27001 requirements, all necessary measures are in place to ensure that information security risks are greatly reduced and the protection of sensitive data is reinforced.

Exalog is very proud to have obtained ISO 27001 certification, a guarantee of quality and rigor in information security management. This international recognition underlines the company’s commitment to protecting its clients’ sensitive data and guaranteeing high security in all operations.

For Exalog, being ISO 27001 certified is not just an achievement, but the reflection of a corporate culture, a daily commitment, and a constant concern to improve its practices. It also reflects the significant investment in time and resources required to implement and maintain a robust and effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).


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