Exalog launches Allmybanks, its new international electronic banking and cash management solution

14 May 2008

Building on its experience of transaction centralisation, cash-flow management and multi-national banking communication, Exalog now offers a dedicated international cash management version: Allmybanks.

This SaaS mode solution allows companies to centrally manage their national and international banking transactions while remaining independent from their banks. Allmybanks is proposed as a packaged offer including the multi- lingual application and connectivity with banks worldwide. Exalog is the only cash management solutions publisher to have its own multi-protocol (SWIFTNet, Etebac, PeSIT, ftps,…) banking communication platform.

On the occasion of this launch, Exalog will be organising a presentation of the Allmybanks solution on 26 May, starting at 09.00 at the Maison des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

For further information and to register, go to www.exalog.com


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