Why choose us

Strong points

With more than 35 years of experience, we can provide you with our expertise in payments
and treasury management.

Our offer is based on 4 principles: transparency, independence, security and banking communication.



Contracts and prices: you know EVERYTHING!

Companies that trust us know exactly what they are buying and at what price. Our offers are explicit and complete. Our rates are clear and known in advance.
Exalog is the only editor of corporate software to publish its prices online.



Banks independent solutions

By choosing Exalog software for your payments and your treasury, you are not tied to any bank.
If you decide to change your banking partner, you do not lose any data: you continue to work with our solution, and register your new bank in our software, to receive your bank statements and make your payments.



Exalog, the security first and foremost

The security of our software is our priority. It is subject to constant improvement following changes in standards and good practices.
This includes user authentication, data privacy and integrity, and service availability.
These innovations are not invoiced to our customers. They benefit from them as a standard part of their subscription.

Banking Communication

Banking communication

All your accounts on the same interface

Expert for more than 30 years in the exchange of financial flows, Exalog offers you its integrated platform of multi-banking and multi-protocol connectivity in real time, accessible 24/24.

Compatible with SWIFT, EBICS, and FTPs, this platform connects to your banks all around the world.

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