2009: a record year for Exalog

9 February 2010

2009 was Exalog best year since it was formed, with sales up 14% and net post-tax income up 36%.

2009 was an unprecedented year for Exalog. With sales up 14% (€2.35m) and net post-tax income up 36% (€340k), the cash management and banking communication software publisher had its best year since it was formed 25 years ago.

This very strong performance confirms the relevance of the strategy the company put in place in 1999 focussing entirely on SaaS (Software as a Service), a strategy which has now enabled Exalog to generate profits for six years running.
The Software as a Service (SaaS) approach consists of enabling customers to subscribe to software rather than buying licenses and installing applications on their own workstations. The software is accessed simply by connecting to the Internet, thus freeing customers from the worries of installation, compatibility, updates and backup, all of which are inherent in installed solutions. SaaS also gives companies a way to significantly reduce their costs.

Ten years ago, when few companies dared to launch out into using this sales model, Exalog created the first cash management solution to be accessible via the Internet. Since then, the publisher has been continually strengthening its commitment to SaaS, developing recognised expertise in this economic model and its specific characteristics. Today, 3,500 companies use Exalog’s cash management solutions via the SaaS model.


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