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Payment and group treasury management software

What solution can a banker offer his client for the management of his international cash?

Your clients want to be able to:

  • Control all of their accounts across the globe
  • Ensure their cash flows are secure
  • Centralise cash
  • Optimise cash management

Exalog can offer Allmybanks, its payment and group treasury management software.

Your customer has control of payment security inside the Allmybanks program thanks to the centralisation of authorisations and payment procedures, as well as all standard file formats and protocols available on the market (SWIFTNet, EBICS and FTP).

Allmybanks banker

The advantages of Allmybanks

What are the advantages for your customers?

1. No usage fee per user: Your customer manages as many users as needed to guarantee security.

2. Autonomy of set-up: The customer sets up their users, accounts, codes and interfaces completely independently.

3. Regulatory developments and updates are at no extra cost: The Allmybanks contract includes corrective and evolutionary updates without affecting your service.

What are the advantages for you?

1. You can develop your cash management and financing activities

2. You keep your clients loyal

3. You delegate technical support to Exalog


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