What solution can a banker offer to his or her clients for their treasury and payments' management in Europe ?

The Exabanque software

Your clients want to:
  • Manage all their accounts in Europe
  • Secure their payments and collections
  • Manage their treasury and account reconciliation
Exabanque software
Exalog offers Exabanque, its payments and treasury management software in the SEPA area. Within the Exabanque software, your clients benefit from a level of security to the extent of their stakes, be it the access to the software, the exchange of information with their banks or the storage of their data, for optimal management of their bank flows with all banks domiciled in the SEPA/EBICS area.

Exabanque’s benefits

Your customers
What are the advantages for your customers?
1. No usage fee per user : They manage as many users as necessary, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information and the segregation of the tasks. 2. Maximum security : Their data is hosted in highly secure data centers, sensitive information is encrypted and the validation of payment orders is done by personal, tamper-proof and digital signature. 3. Quick implementation and handling of the software : All the settings can be done by your clients thanks to getting started guides and tutorials. If necessary, they can call our support teams to guide them, or to configure the EBICS TS settings remotely. 4. A scalable solution : Updates are delivered every month. All customers work on the same version of the software, and thus always have the latest banking standards and functional improvements.
What are the advantages for you?
1. You develop your dematerialised payments and treasury offers 2. You keep your clients loyal 3. You delegate technical support to Exalog