Interview with Jacques LAFARGE, CEO of Exalog, published in CFO-NEWS

4 March 2008

Interview with Jacques LAFARGE, CEO of Exalog, published in CFO-NEWS, a web site devoted to cash-flow finance and cash & credit management, conducted by Laurent LELOUP,

Jacques Lafarge CEO of Exalog CFO-news: Mr Jacques Lafarge hello, you are the CEO of Exalog. Tell us about your company.

Jacques Lafarge: Since its creation in 1984, Exalog has specialised in software package publishing, mainly within the fields of data exchange between banks and their customers and the submission of social security declarations. Since 1999, we have resolutely chosen to focus our strategy on hosted applications services (Software as a Service) and, today, this type of application represents over 90% of our activity. In 2000, we became pioneers with the launch of Exabanque, the first banking communications application accessible via the Internet, that is now used on a daily basis by over 2,500 companies of all sizes and in all sectors. What are your specificities? Over the years, we have gained advanced expertise in the area of data exchange between companies and institutions (banks, administrations, social security organisations, etc.), both regarding the format of the data exchanged and the protocol and network used. Thanks to this expertise, our solutions include highly automated and fully secure communications functions as standard, and we are also able to quickly satisfy any specific new demands.

Thus, in the case of banking management, our applications can send and receive data according to international standards (ISO and SWIFT) as well as the national standards of over 10 countries (Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Lichtenstein, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc.) What are your ambitions for 2008? Our main focus of development for 2008 is to continue the international expansion of our banking and cash management solutions: Exabanque, Direct-debits and Allmybanks.

Exabanque and Direct-debits are European-wide applications and, as such, obviously permit the creation and sending of SEPA (SCT) transfers. At the same time, we are extending to the majority of European countries, the functions for issuing domestic banking orders. This is particularly useful for those of our customers who wish to manage direct debits in different countries without waiting for the arrival of the future SEPA (SDD) direct debit.

Allmybanks is an integrated, universal electronic banking and cash management application. Connected to our SWIFT platform (Exalog is an approved SWIFT service bureau), this Web solution gives direct access to the majority of banks worldwide: over 7,800 institutions in more than 205 countries. Providing complete control over authorizations and incorporating advanced cash management functions, Allmybanks is intended for all companies that wish to have an optimised international cash management tool.

Obviously, all these application services are available in four languages: French, English, German and Spanish.

Jacques Lafarge , thank-you very much, and we look forward to speaking to you again in a future edition of CFO-news.

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