What is EBICS 3.0?

Launched around 2010, EBICS has been created to replace old X25 networks to exchange files between companies and banks. Today, EBICS is mostly used in France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but versions are different from one country to another.

Available since November 2018, EBICS 3.0 is a harmonised version of the protocol. Its functionalities and technical characteristics are the same for all the using countries: France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Exalog and EBICS 3.0


Expert of EBICS banking connectivity, we worked on this new version for almost a year, and made conclusive tests with EBICS platforms (Tessi, Axway, Elcimaï) used by most of the banks (HSBC, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, …).

This new version of EBICS is transparent for our clients: they can exchange files using EBICS 2.4 with some of their banks, and adopt EBICS 3.0 with others.

To facilitate our clients set up we pre-entered in our software the EBICS 3.0 parameters for each bank. Plus, our support team is available should they require help.

Good to know

EBICS 3.0 is available at no extra cost in our software!


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